A wrongful death case is limited to who can collect from the death of a family member, including the spouse and children. Even adult children can have claims against the person or company or other entity that caused the death. Other family members can be parties to a wrongful death such as a mother and a father, especially if support is given to these members.

Bystander Claims

There is an area of a wrongful death law that many attorneys miss called a bystander claim. This claim can be exerted when a family member witnesses the death of a loved one and is often forgotten by many attorneys.

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The Law Office of Rick McGuire has handled and completed many wrongful death cases and we have been successful in proving bystander claims which has raised the settlement amount of these cases.

At our law practice, we look at all possibilities regarding negligence actions and the injuries of innocent people. We will dig deeper in your case to find all causes and the right application of the law to get the results you are entitled to.

Remember, the bigger the case, the harder the fight. The attorneys at the Law Office of Rick McGuire have fought hundreds of large negligence cases involving drilling rig accidents, electrocutions, auto accidents, defective products and negligence caused by the actions of others.

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