Insurance companies do not have to help you if you are damaged or injured.

Do not give recorded statements. It is not required. Most people talk too much.

If you don’t seek immediate medical treatment, thinking you will get better, the insurance company will say “if you were injured you would have gotten medical help.” we call that a gap in treatment and it will damage any claim you have.

The insurance company is not scared of you. Behind your name it does not say “attorney at law”.

If you decide to negotiate a settlement, an it is (and will be) a low offer, then thinking an attorney can save you after you get the offer may not work.

Cases are built by attorneys. Each case is different and a great attorney will have an attack plan just for you.

Many injuries will get worse with time.

Great attorneys know what injuries you have because they have seen them for years.

If you are in pain, go to an emergency room. They have to treat you if you are in pain whether you have funds or not.

Great attorneys will not overbuild a claim but will go after all the money you are entitled to.

Finally, if you had a brain tumor you would not tell the doctor “I am going to do it myself”. Injury and damage claims are that serious.

Hire an attorney to help. Historically they will get you up to 3 times more money than you could by yourself. The insurance company knows what an attorney can do that you cannot do yourself.