You are injured.  You have medical conditions that are affecting your life.  You don’t know what to do because you were injured by a person or company that has insurance.

Rule One
You don’t have the training or financial ability to fight an insurance company.

Rule Two
Insurance companies must take in more money than they pay in claims.  If they don’t, they go broke.  Just like you if you spend all of your paycheck.  They are going to do everything they can to keep from paying you the value of your claim.

Rule Three
The insurance companies do not care about you.  They are not there to help you and they have no legal duty to help you.

Rule Four
The laws in Texas, as in most states are against you.  The laws are designed so that you must do all the work correctly in order to win a claim.  If you don’t have “Attorney at Law” behind your name the insurance company will walk all over you.

Rule Five
Most law firms that practice personal injury law are “mills.”  They sign you up.  Basically, they run an operation to get a little from all the claims and move to the next group.  They sell out their clients.

Rule Six
Every case is different.  Every injury case requires a plan by professionals that not only have law degrees and years of experience, but also understand the medical behind the injuries.  They need to know how to take the next step to find out where you are medically.

Rule Seven
You will get better or you will get worse or you will stay the same.  Two of the options are not good.

Rule Eight
You only get one shot to kill the “bear” that being the insurance company.  If you don’t do it right, they will turn on you and attack like an injured bear.

He who handles his own case has a fool for a client. (old legal proverb)

There are many more rules.  Bottom line, hire an attorney who knows what they are doing and listen to the attorney.  By hiring our firm you are hiring an experienced law firm that knows medical.  Medical is the key to a successful personal injury case that pays out a large settlement.