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"Absolutely the best help for our accident with a drunk driver. I personally talked to Rick and he advised me what not to do and what would happen. He explained to me the difference in an accident with a drunk driver and a regular accident where someone ran a stop sign. The vehicle got repaired and yes they settled my case for policy limits. I had no idea I would get the amount of money I did."

Steve R.

"It was 'bulletproof' dealing with the firm. I always had someone to talk to."

C. Joseph

"I received a call that my husband had a serious injury while on a drilling rig in Oklahoma. I found out he had lost all of his fingers and I knew he was never going to work in the oilfield again. I contacted several attorneys, and they did not call me back. Someone said to go see Rick McGuire. Mr. McGuire met me personally and we told him our story. He told me this was going to be a hard case, but he and his staff immediately went to work. They filed suit in Oklahoma. It was a hard fought battle but they attacked the drilling company and succeeded in getting us a very large settlement when other attorneys would not even talk to us. Yes I recommend Rick McGuire and his staff."

"I have found the McGuire's law firm is the best in Houston, Texas.  They have helped me on several serious accidents over the years.  Each time I was given a priority in getting medical help.  Each of my accidents were settled for the maximum amount."

"I called Mr. McGuire’s law firm when I had an auto accident on 3-10-2009. I was so surprised to know that he had 24 hour service and I was helped so fast. I can not tell you how that made me feel to know that I can trust this man that I have seen on TV for years. Mr. McGuire talked to me personally and told me that his staff would help me. Don, the investigator, came to my house that evening. I called them next day and spoke to Judy and she helped me get to a doctor that saw me the same day. The staff at the McGuire firm is great. My case was complex but within several months senior legal assistant Genie and attorney Carter Christie settled my case, I could not believe I was down and out. Now I do know that I got justice."

"Wow! You are amazing – I truly appreciate all your persistence in getting me a higher amount. Yes, I am very happy with it and so very grateful to you. I wish I could really give you a hug in person for all the work you’ve put into this case. You’ve made me feel so secure and I’m glad I made the call to your firm for the help. I’ve never been in this type of situation and I just didn’t know what to do. You really did way more than just help to get me a good settlement, you also treated me like a friend. You are good at what you do and are the right person for the job. I hope Mr. McGuire knows how much you really do for his firm. You make the clients want to refer others to you. I know I will. I’ll be waiting to hear from you next week. Have a safe and happy trip. Thanks again for all you’ve done and continue to do!"

"I was seriously injured in an automobile accident. The McGuire firm guided me through the medical treatment process and it was determined that I would need back surgery. They set up an appointment with one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Houston and the surgery was successful. They made sure all the bases were covered and I ended up not only well but with a very successful settlement."

"I have some bad luck. I was hit by an uninsured motorist. I contacted McGuire's office for help. I did not think I had any chance of finding insurance but Genie Handley, his senior legal assistant would not give up. She found the insurance coverage and helped me get the medical treatment I needed. They settled my case for the maximum amount available. I will always be thankful to Mr. McGuire and the staff."

"I would like to thank Rick McGuire and all the staff that was involved in working my case so quickly and efficiently. Much valuable time was wasted, thinking that the insurance company would deal with me fairly after their client caused the accident that totaled my motorcycle, caused much pain, and disrupted my life. After they failed to agree to a very modest settlement, I called you. With very little effort from me, you and your staff was willing and able to fight when I couldn’t and quickly reached a settlement almost three times what the insurance company was offering me. I will proceed to my assignment overseas with one less care. Thanks again to you and your staff for being good at what you do."

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm personally for doing a great job in handling my accident case. In a case that took over four years to resolve, it is easy for one to become disillusioned and think there is no end in sight.

This is where people like Etta Davidson step in. Etta was instrumental in handling my case. Etta stuck by my case like glue. Etta had to deal with four different insurance companies to finally resolve my case. These insurance companies kept passing the buck and made it extremely difficult to obtain closure. Despite it being extremely frustrating and depressing to find out that every insurance company attempted to pass the buck, Etta would not let go. Two strong qualities that stand out is her compassion and dedication.

These are the kind of qualities one needs when dealing with a case as convoluted as mine was. I can only say to you, Etta is an outstanding staff member and the type of staff member that makes the end result work out. In my humble opinion, Etta is the type of staff member that should be recognized as one of the best and has outstanding qualities and experience. "

All that being stated, I again say thank you and want you to know if I ever had a problem like this again, I would always use your law firm and I would be proud to be used as a reference."

"After my accident I tried to contact several other attorneys. Given the facts of my case via the accident report, no one would take my case. Then I contacted the Rick McGuire law firm. They took my case, did their own investigation and got me the medical treatment that I needed. I'm thankful for attorney McGuire."