Insurance companies do two things really well. First, they take your money or cancel your policy if you don’t pay, and second, they don’t give your money back when you need it.

Injured parties’ handling their own accident claims lose. Here is why….if insurance companies’ pay you back for an accident claim in a large amount they lose money. They try to lead you down the road with excuses. Such as…

  • You are not really hurt.
  • The accident was a minor one.
  • You waited to seek treatment.
  • You hurt yourself at home, picking up your child, your groceries, mowing your yard.

Bottom Line….. They are professionals at scaring you to settle.

It is proven that an aggressive injury law attorney that knows how the game is played, can settle your case for a higher dollar amount than you can on your own. Furthermore, they can get you the proper medical treatment. In injury claims it is about solving two problems….restoring your health and getting you to resolution. When the claim settles, a good attorney wants you well and getting the funds to which you are entitled.

Clients also have the idea, that they will try to settle their claim on their own and if they can’t, THEN they will consult with an attorney. Wrong! Quite often when a person takes this approach, by the time the case gets to an attorney, the damage to the case cannot be repaired due to conversations already had with the insurance company. The bottom line is that people talk too much and they tell the insurance companies things they are not even entitled to know.  Click here to read about the 10 things you should do immediately following an auto accident.

Planning and winning in a claim against an insurance company is like building a high rise building. In order to be successful, you need a strong foundation or the building will crumble. An aggressive attorney can provide that strong foundation.