Refinery Plants - Exposure & Explosions

Many people live near plants and refineries. Many people make a living at plants and refineries. Plants and refineries do not intentionally create dangerous situations such as explosions, fires and release fumes into the air to hurt people. Not matter how safe a plant or refinery is explosions, fires and release of toxic fumes occur from plants and refineries.

The Law Office of Rick McGuire has represented hundreds of individuals who have been injured or damages by explosions at plants and refineries. We have help hundreds of people who have had inhalation cases from explosion and release of toxic fumes at refineries and plants who process dangerous products.

Exposure to Toxic Fumes

What do you do if you think you have been exposed to toxic fumes? The first thing is to seek medical help at a hospital or a facility who can give you a pulmonary function test and who can give you blood test to see if you have been exposed to toxic fumes.

If you are a plant or refinery employee you must seek help from your choice of medical providers under workers compensation. If you are a contract employee who was on site of an explosion or a fire at a refinery or plant and need help with your medical you can contact the Law Office of Rick McGuire at 713-600-1000 24/7.

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Damage to Your Property from a Plant Explosion or Fire

You may have a claim for damage to your personal property from a plant or explosion. Vapor clouds and materials from a plant fire or a plant explosion can travel miles. Contact our experts at the Law Office of Rick McGuire. We can review your plant or explosion claim and get you’re the help you need.

Explosions, fires, toxic fumes, physical damage or injuries from a plant fire or explosion please contact us immediately. The Law Office of Rick McGuire’s phones are answered 24/7.