Auto Accident due to Icy Conditions

Ice weather accidents in Houston are very common in our area since we are not accustomed to driving in icy conditions.  In an auto accident, the accident can be your fault or another drivers.  If you lose control of your car in icy conditions, it is likely your fault.  You do not get to go after the city, county, or state for not protecting you.  You, as a reasonable person, knew it could be dangerous to drive in these conditions.  You took the chance.

This changes if you are on an icy road and someone leaves their lane and hits you or rear ends you.  In either of these situations the other driver is liable for the accident and damages that result from the accident.  You have a duty to prove the other person is at fault, especially if police do not come out to investigate.  Use a cell phone and take pictures of the scene and all of the accident damage to both vehicles.  Of course, do this only if you can stay safely out of traffic.  When possible, also get names, and phone numbers of witnesses.

Slip and Fall Accident due to Ice

Another question we often get when our area experiences icy conditions is “my husband fell down the stairs at our apartment because there was ice on the stairs”.  Sounds like your landlord might be at fault for not preventing this fall.  Again, you must remember, you are a reasonable person who can look at the conditions and make a reasonable assumption as to whether or not it is safe to go down the stairs and if you should take precautions not to fall (holding onto the handrail for instance).

Now, let’s look at a different set of facts.  Let’s say the landlord had a slow dripping leak in a hydrant that he/she was aware of.  The puddle caused from the known leak is partially hidden and becomes iced over.  You step on this spot and fall, injuring yourself.  In this set of circumstances you may have a case.  It is, however, your burden to prove the fault.  The sooner you call our office, (like immediately following and accident), the quicker we can respond and help you.

Every ice weather accident and injury case is different and you can always contact our office and get help.