Are all injury firms and attorneys the same?

Absolutely not. There are three components to every injury from the negligence of another:

  • The facts of how the injury occurred.
  • The medical needs of the injured party after the accident must be assessed. Future medical needs must be looked at as the worst possible case.
  • There must be a money source to pay to rehabilitate injuries, loss of wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and numerous other things. Often, these sources are hidden and have to be searched for via good investigative skills and know how.

We have had clients consult with other attorneys, before coming to us for their accident or injury. In several cases, the clients did not know how big or complex their case really was. We regularly handle big complex cases so we know to anticipate all the problems the client could have and where to look for all sources of payment.

Why is your firm different from other personal injury firms?

Injury cases have three components. Negligence (fault), deep pockets (a money source) and finally the most important, the injury. First, we focus on the injury. We get our clients a diagnosis and treatment.  We determine if the injury can be rehabilitated and if it cannot, how can we recover for the client to make their life easier?

Some law firms run like a mill. They take in as many cases as possible, do very little with the medical and settle it quickly so they can  move on to the next case. How do we know this?  Because the clients will call us after settlement, and they are still hurt. They describe to us a medical condition for which no testing was done. They then ask us if we can help.  Unfortunately,   after the claim is settled, we can do nothing.

We focus on the worst possible problem the client could have.  We then try to get them back to normal and pursue all money available for  future medical conditions that may persist.

Aren’t all injury cases the same?

Absolutely not! Each case, and we have handled thousands, has it’s own facts and solutions. Every single case has to be looked at from an investigative and financial standpoint.  Only then can a plan be built to make the case successful.

In our firm, no one person works on a case. We have teams of knowledgeable staff that participate in building the best possible case, from our in house investigator all the way through trial, if necessary.

We start setting up a client’s case to win from day one. Quite often, when we build a case correctly, it can settle without filing suit.  However, some insurance companies or others will just not see reason to settle and  a lawsuit must be filed. Many times when the lawsuit is filed, the defense attorneys, who know our work, will call the adjuster or person in charge and tell them to settle or they will lose.

Are there things that can be done to make a case better?

We tell clients one thing.... If you listen to us and follow our instructions, we will get you the help you need and  the money to which you are entitled. We know what we are doing, and have handled large cases for years, often making little cases into big cases.  Read more on why you need a dedicated injury attorney.

Why can’t I handle my own case? I can order my own medicals.

I always tell clients if you had a tumor on the brain and the neurosurgeon said that it must come out, would you tell him “Oh I think I will do it myself.”

First, it is proven that the right law firm can get more money in your pocket for a properly prepared case than you can do on your own. Behind our name it says “Attorney at Law.” The insurance companies and the big corporate companies are scared of us, not you.

How long should I wait before I hire an attorney to help on my accident case?

Five minutes after the accident.  We say that because the bottom line is that you need to get someone on your case as soon as possible. Those who wait will lose witnesses, facts will change and people will disappear. In several big cases we have handled, we have actually seen things altered and changed to protect the company or person who the caused the accident.

Why do you send your investigator to meet with us immediately after we call?

See the answer to the previous question. I cannot tell you how many times facts have changed, scenes are altered, witnesses disappear or a number of things happen to hurt a case. Our investigators have been with us for years. They do the behind the scene research that has saved many cases.

What should I, as an injured client, know about my case?

First, insurance companies do two things really well. They take your money very fast and they give it back very slowly. Second, the bigger the case and the more the case is worth the harder they are going to fight to keep from paying you.

We work very hard on every case regardless of the size of the case. Success takes time.  Clients need to understand that if you want to win, putting a case together is more of a marathon than a sprint.

What is the main thing I should remember concerning your handling of my case?

Simply, those who listen to us and do what we tell them to do, win. Those who don’t, lose.

We know what to do to make your case a winner. Follow our instructions and you will be a winner.

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