Dog bite cases are extremely hard to deal with and the settlement is usually low. However, Attorney Rick McGuire has handled many dog bite cases.

Some injured party clients come to us after they have done everything wrong in setting up the claim.

Why try to work with an insurance company on your own when the insurance company has all the answers?

We see a lot of dog bite cases from rental properties where there is no coverage. People who rent a home and have one or two pit bulls or some other aggressive breed are not required to have insurance.

So what do you do?

On Dog Bite Cases You Attack – Attack – Attack – Just Like The Dog Did

Rick McGuire was an Army officer and his approach to injuries in general is to attack.

On dog bite cases, we attack the owners of the property who allowed the tenant to have the animals in the first place. We have been successful with this approach.

What Is A Dog Bite Case Worth?

Dog bite cases are only worth what the medical damages and physical damages are worth.

Women are especially vulnerable to serious skin injures related to dog bite cases. In fact, the value on a man’s claim is not as high as a woman’s claim.

The Law Office of Rick McGuire makes sure that if we work on a successful dog bite case, we get a plastic surgeon involved.

How Successful Have You Been On Dog Bite Cases?

Recently we pushed a serious dog bite case located in a rural area where dogs are free to roam.

Rick McGuire personally directed the case and attacked the insurance company. McGuire went after a Gross Negligence claim. Our investigator, Don Caspary, found some helpful information and, when it was all over, the case settled for $50,000.00—a tremendous amount for a dog bite case.

I Need Help With A Dog Bite Case!

Contact the Law Office of Rick McGuire at (713) 600-1000. Phones are answered 24/7. Our investigators will contact you and the team will review the case and give you the facts of what needs to be done. The consultation is free.