This accident is typical of an engine loss or failure that causes a Vmc roll.  The aircraft took off, got barely off the ground, and then rolled upside down to the LEFT.  So what causes the roll?  Unless there is  massive flight control problem the cause is loss of the left engine.  With the right engine developing full power and the left engine (the critical engine) only developing some power with the nose of the aircraft in a climb the aircraft will eventually get so slow the right engine pulls the aircraft over and to the left. 

What Caused the Accident?

Something caused the engine on the left to fail.  Second, the pilot did not respond to the engine loss by initiating a recovery for the engine loss.  The recovery procedure is to lower the noise, establish a heading and hold it and raise the wing on the dead or underpowered engine.  The King Air 350 even fully loaded should, under the correct flight procedures, should have been able to overcome the engine loss and recover.  Pilots must remember that these situations happen very quickly and if you are not trained to recovery then you have the type of disaster that occurred with this accident.

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