Aviation Accidents can cause serious bodily injury or serious damage to aircraft. It can be both, it can be one or the other. The Law Office of Rick McGuire has been involved in both serious injury and death for general aviation and air carrier. We have also been involved in collecting damages for aircraft that was caused by negligent maintenance. We have completed damage claims for serious damages to small aircraft and large aircraft. We have the staff and attorneys, and maintenance people, to put together damage claims both in the United States and with problems outside the United States with maintenance problems caused by United States companies.

Let’s say that you have a maintenance problem that causes damage to your commercial aircraft. You either have claims against your company for bodily injury or physical damage to the aircraft. These require special attorneys and maintenance experts and few law firms have both. The Law Office of Rick McGuire has both.

Commercial Aviation Accident Legal Representation, Worldwide

Boeing 737 damage claims? Beechcraft King Air loses? Twin Cessna faulty training accidents. Learning to fly? Bad instruction? Contact us 24/7. Injury claims related to aircraft flight control failures by pilots? Contact us 24/7. Pilots who had faulty training and instructors who trained pilots improperly. Contact us 24/7. General Aviation or air carrier. Faulty maintenance and improper parts installed and not certified. We have handled them all. Our co-company Aircraft Simulator Training has the staff to put the accident back together. They can recreate the accident in their modern simulators for the attorneys. Contact us today. 713-600-1000, 24/7.