Injured at the Astroworld Concert with Travis Scott?

Astroworld injury cases was a clear result of poor planning and negligence. Attorney Rick McGuire has years of experience in dealing with mass injury cases.

You have to allow attorney Rick McGuire and his staff to review where you were in the audience and to help you with your injury claim. These cases are not simple and you need an attorney who can protect your rights from the poor planning in the group injury debacle that occurred.

You can have psychological injures as well and physical injuries. Attorney Rick McGuire was a former military officer who knows about both physical and psychological injuries.

If you were a party to the terrible incident at the Astroworld concert with Travis Scott, contact our 24-hours phone number 713-600-1000.

Rick McGuire can help you get the results you are entitled to from Travis Scott and Live Nation. It was negligence and poor planning that hurt you.

Call 713-600-1000 24/7 for Astroworld injury help.

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