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McGuire Law Reviews

“I personally talked to Rick and he advised me what not to do and what would happen. …I had no idea I would get the amount of money I did.”

“It was ‘bulletproof’ dealing with the firm. I always had someone to talk to.”

“Each of my accidents were settled for the maximum amount.”

“Wow! You are amazing – I truly appreciate all your persistence in getting me a higher amount. Yes, I am very happy with it and so very grateful to you.”

“They settled my case for the maximum amount available. I will always be thankful to Mr. McGuire and the staff.”

“With very little effort from me, you and your staff was willing and able to fight when I couldn’t and quickly reached a settlement almost three times what the insurance company was offering me. I will proceed to my assignment overseas with one less care. Thanks again to you and your staff for being good at what you do.”

“…if I ever had a problem like this again, I would always use your law firm and I would be proud to be used as a reference.”

Aircraft Simulator Training Reviews

“By comparison Aircraft Simulator Training is hands down the best in the country!”

“Best simulators, best instructors. Rick McGuire is super sharp on systems and provides outstanding tips that help make our flying safer… Their loss of engine procedure is superior to any I’ve seen. Others make it too complicated. At 200’ you don’t have time for a multi-step process.”

“You are taught how to really handle engine failures, land safely and use the airplane again. Maintenance, troubleshooting, warning signs of problems as they are starting happen so you can avoid a serious situation.”

“If you have a twin Cessna (or any light twin for that matter) do yourself, your passengers, and your airplane a huge favor by going to Aircraft Simulator Training in Burnet, Texas. It could very well SAVE YOUR LIFE!”

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