It takes a minimum amount of an impact in an accident to cause injury.  To save money, the insurance companies have attempted to tell juries, “Well that lady cannot have a herniated disc in her neck because the impact was not that hard?”   Needless to say juries fall for this tactic.  It is not the amount of damages to the vehicle or the fall, but it is how hard it happened and how quick.  The kind of seat in which you were seated or what position you were in when you fell and hit the ground or other object also plays contributes to the severity of injury.

We constantly see serious injuries from minor impacts and clients will always try to belittle their injuries until they get so painful or cause the person to limit their daily functions.  Then they will either try to find out what is causing their pain or they will call us and after a series of questions we can determine what kind of testing and medical specialist they need.  We have seen knee injuries that were minor to begin with but a year later the knee fails from grinding of damaged cartilage inside the knee.  We see women and men who have a herniated disc that get worse over time due to the fact that the disc slowly leaked out its liquid material inside of the disc until the main nerve root is impacted.  Then they have serious pain.

If you have had an accident caused by another person, contact us for help.  We always talk to our clients without charge and give them a preliminary perspective of their case and what needs to be done.  Don’t wait!  The insurance companies or the person responsible for the accident, such as a major company, have professionals whose sole purpose is to limit their damage exposure.  In other words, they are going to do what it takes to not pay you at all.

If it hurts, you are not well and whatever you do, don’t sign a release until you talk to us.