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Family Member Electrocuted in Front Of Daughter and other Family Members

A very low hanging electric line over a county road was snagged by a hay mower.  The reclosure and fuse on the 7000 volt line did not stop the flow of electricity through the mower to the trailer.  The high voltage flowed from the ground up through the legs of the farmer killing him.  Seven figure settlement.



Rig Worker Lost Fingers on His Left Hand on a Faulty Drilling Line

A professional drilling rig worker living in Texas, hired in Louisiana and injured on a drilling rig in Oklahoma lost his fingers when he was snagged by a drilling line while forty feet in the air.  Seven figure settlement.



Refinery Worker Hit by Drunk Driver in a Company Vehicle

While driving to get his wife dinner, a Refinery worker was hit by a drunk driver in a company vehicle. The drunk driver fled the scene. A head on collision created a need for surgery for our client. Our investigator put the pieces together after the driver fled. Six figure settlement.

Refinery Worker Hit by Major Utility Company Truck from the Rear

The driver had a history of driving under the influence of drugs. Our client was told he only had a $25,000.00 case by two attorneys.  Our investigation and our help in getting him back surgery lead to a seven figure settlement.

Major Utility Company Contract Employee Stole Expensive Jewelry

Family heirloom ring was stolen by cable company contract employee.  Our investigation showed the contract employee had a criminal record.  Six figure settlement.

Wife Seriously Injured in Front of Husband in Dark Parking Lot

While visiting a church friend, our client tripped over a defective speed bump and twisted her knee. She was taken immediately to the hospital where they tried to save her leg but could not. Surgeons had to remove part of her leg. Seven figure settlement.

Aircraft Accident Due To Faulty Flight Instructor Training

Represented multiple parties who had purchased a high performance aircraft and was receiving training from the manufacturers approved flight instructor.  The flight instructor lost control of the aircraft and caused serious injury to the passengers and totally destroyed the aircraft. Seven figure settlement. 

Executive Rear Ended on a Dallas Freeway

Client’s original attorney told him the case was not worth pursuing. Our investigation found that not only did the client need surgery, which he had, but that the person had a very large insurance policy that was not disclosed.  Six figure settlement.

Husband Hit by Drunk Driver

Husband’s company insurance for death benefits refused to pay. Not only did we get the drunk driver for crossing her lane but we also got all the death benefits due the deceased for his wife.  Six figure settlements on both.

Family Lost Son and Daughter in Head on Collision with Teenage Drunk Driver

Our investigation lead to the fact the 18 year old drunk driver, who was not hurt, had high blood level of alcohol and liquor bottles in back seat.  Six figure settlement.

Serious Surgical Contested Auto Cases

Ford Explorer changed lanes and hit a dump truck.  Dump truck took faulty evasive action but insurance carrier tried to say it was the Ford Explorers fault which would have yielded very little money for our client.  Our investigative team and lead investigator reconstructed the accident and got the client the larger policy.  Six figure settlement

Rear end collision with company vehicle.  Surgery required. Six figure settlement.

Our client was in the back of a pickup truck with a drunk driver.  He made a high speed turn and threw our client out.  Six figure settlement.

Our client was hit by an executive of a major insurance company.  They tried to say our client was not hurt.  We got our client in for test and to a high end surgeon.  Six figure settlement.

Our client was parked on shoulder changing a tire. Company truck driver looked down to pick up his cell phone and struck the vehicle tossing the client's vehicle on top of him.  We assisted in getting our client surgery to return to work and a six figure settlement.


We have handled thousands of serious cases from initial settlement and through trial for our clients.

We focus on each case to get all the money that the client is entitled to and not settling for the first offer.

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